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We have been providing service in Amsterdam for over 20 years. Speedtouch is backed by our experience and our loyal customers throughout the years. We strive to meet with our customer’s expectation by providing them with the support and service they deserve.


Broadband Services and Equipment

Speedtouch works with the largest group of companies who play a major role in the internet service industry. Broadband services enable users to enjoy connectivity. Broadband services include both TV/Video subscriptions and internet access. You can save money on electronics if you choose to work with Speedtouch in setting up your internet connection regardless of personal or business use. To cater to everyone’s needs in terms of connectivity, we also adopt alternative technologies and ensure that we have items that will work perfectly.


Warranty and Installations

Speedtouch offers free installation services for business accounts. Our team comprises of CISCO certified technician to layout the best possible set up for your business. We also keep in mind the satisfaction of our customers through our warranty services. They can rest assured that someone got their back when things go wrong with their set up.


Support Team At Your Service

We believe in the power of customer service. But with Speedtouch, we take customer service seriously. Every concern is handled with care. We prioritize your convenience and your time. Our team won’t give you the runaround and will give you the best solutions on hand. If you need help regarding your connection or having issues with the modem or item you bought at the shop, contact us immediately and we’ll take action as soon as possible. We’ll also check if your modem is under warranty, if yes, then you’ll get a new one without additional cost.