Speedtouch brings you top of the line modems, routers, and combos to bring you the ease of setting up your internet at home and or business.


Heavy Duty Modems and Routers

When Speedtouch was just a newbie in the industry 20 years ago, the internet was limited and can only be availed by a few individuals in society. Now, we are so delighted to see that everyone can access the internet and be part of a different world online. Back then, there was just DSL. It served us and provided us with a good internet connection for decades. But as internet service providers unlocked the possibility of Fibre Optic for a better connection, we are reaping the benefits of having more stable and faster internet. Speedtouch has witnessed them all. Our shop caters to both DSL and Fibre Optic users and provides them with the top of the line equipment. Let’s get to modems and routers without over complicating the simple concepts behind them.


DSL Cable Modems

The most common type of modem used in the industry by individuals and businesses. Fibre Optic came to the picture a few years ago and has the same concept for modems and routers. Fibre Optics modes do have the same features. It’s just that they use a different wire that transmits data through light. DSL modems, on the other hand, uses copper wires to transmit data. Whether you use DSL or Fibre Optic at home, Speedtouch got the best modems and routers for you.


Analog Modems

There are still locations in Amsterdam that use dial-up connection due to the fact that internet service providers are on the process of expanding their services to cater to remote areas. Dial connection has a reputation for being slow, but that was 10 years ago. Dial connection has improved over the years and can download with max speed of 56kbps.